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Times Tables Strategies Worksheets

In this document, we will discuss strategies for learning and practicing times tables. These worksheets are designed to make the process easier and more enjoyable for learners of all ages. Let’s dive in and explore the various strategies together.

Repeated Addition

The first strategy we will explore is repeated addition. This method involves adding the same number repeatedly to find the total. For example, to calculate 3 times 4, you would add 4 to itself three times: 4 + 4 + 4 = 12. Our worksheets provide ample practice using this method, allowing learners to strengthen their multiplication skills.

Number Line

Another effective strategy is using a number line. This visual tool helps learners understand the concept of multiplication by visually representing the jumps made when multiplying. For instance, to solve 5 times 2, you would start at 0 on the number line and make 5 jumps of size 2: 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. Our worksheets include exercises that encourage learners to use number lines to solve multiplication problems.

Arrays and Grids

Arrays and grids are useful tools to help learners visualize multiplication. By arranging objects or numbers in rows and columns, learners can see the relationship between the factors and the product. For example, to calculate 2 times 3, you can arrange 2 rows with 3 objects in each row, resulting in a total of 6 objects. Our worksheets incorporate arrays and grids to enhance understanding and practice.

Mental Math

Developing mental math skills can greatly benefit learners when it comes to times tables. Our worksheets include exercises that encourage mental calculation, allowing learners to quickly recall multiplication facts without relying on written methods. This strategy helps improve computational fluency and efficiency.

Grouping and Skip Counting

Grouping and skip counting are strategies that promote a deeper understanding of multiplication. By grouping objects or numbers and counting them in multiples, learners can grasp the concept of multiplication in a more meaningful way. Our worksheets provide opportunities to practice both grouping and skip counting, supporting comprehensive learning.


In conclusion, these times tables strategies worksheets offer a range of techniques to facilitate the learning and mastery of multiplication facts. Repeated addition, number lines, arrays and grids, mental math, grouping, and skip counting are all valuable tools that can be practiced through our worksheets. By utilizing these strategies, learners can enhance their multiplication skills and build a solid foundation for future mathematical concepts.

multiplication strategies worksheet

Multiplication Strategies Worksheet

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Times Tables Strategies Worksheets

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