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Middle Ages Worksheets

Middle Ages Worksheets

The Middle Ages, also known as the Medieval period, spanned from the 5th to the 15th century in Europe. This era was characterized by feudalism, chivalry, and the rise of powerful kingdoms. To help students understand and engage with this fascinating time in history, Middle Ages worksheets can be a valuable educational resource.

Feudalism Worksheet

Feudalism was the social and economic system that dominated medieval Europe. This worksheet introduces students to the key features of feudalism, such as the hierarchy of lords, vassals, and serfs. It explains how land was granted in exchange for loyalty and military service, and provides examples to illustrate these concepts.

Knighthood and Chivalry Worksheet

The concept of knighthood and chivalry played a significant role in medieval society. This worksheet delves into the qualities and responsibilities of knights, including their code of conduct and the ideals of honor and bravery. Students can explore famous knights and their heroic deeds through engaging activities and questions.

Castles and Siege Warfare Worksheet

Castles were prominent features of the medieval landscape and played a crucial role in warfare. This worksheet examines the design and purpose of castles, as well as the tactics and weapons used in siege warfare. Students can learn about the different parts of a castle and analyze the strategies employed to capture or defend these formidable structures.

Medieval Art and Literature Worksheet

The Middle Ages produced remarkable works of art and literature that reflected the cultural and religious beliefs of the time. This worksheet explores various art forms, such as stained glass windows, illuminated manuscripts, and Gothic architecture. Students can also discover famous medieval writers and their contributions to literature, including epic poems like “Beowulf” and the works of Geoffrey Chaucer.

The Black Death Worksheet

The Black Death was a devastating pandemic that swept across Europe during the 14th century, causing widespread death and social upheaval. This worksheet provides an overview of the causes, symptoms, and consequences of the Black Death. It also encourages students to reflect on the impact of this catastrophic event on medieval society and its long-term effects.


Middle Ages worksheets offer students an opportunity to delve into the rich history of this period and gain a deeper understanding of its key aspects. By using engaging activities, clear explanations, and accessible language, these worksheets can make learning about the Middle Ages both enjoyable and educational.

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The Middle Ages Worksheets

Middle Ages Worksheets

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