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Subtraction Addition Strategies Worksheets

Welcome to our collection of subtraction and addition strategies worksheets! These worksheets are designed to help students practice and master various strategies for solving subtraction and addition problems. In this document, we will explain each strategy in detail and provide examples to help illustrate their application.

Counting Back Strategy

The counting back strategy is a simple and effective way to solve subtraction problems. To use this strategy, start with the larger number and count back the smaller number of times. For example:

Example: 8 – 3 =

Start with 8 and count back 3 times: 8, 7, 6. The answer is 6.

Number Line Strategy

The number line strategy involves using a number line to visually represent the subtraction or addition problem. This strategy helps students visualize the process and can be particularly helpful for more complex problems. Here’s an example:

Example: 5 + 2 =

Draw a number line starting at 5 and count 2 spaces forward: 5, 6, 7. The answer is 7.

Base Ten Blocks Strategy

The base ten blocks strategy utilizes blocks or manipulatives to represent numbers. This strategy is especially useful for younger students who are learning basic addition and subtraction. Here’s how it works:

Example: 12 – 8 =

Represent 12 with 10 blocks and 2 blocks, and then remove 8 blocks: 10 + 2 – 8 = 2. The answer is 2.

Expanded Form Strategy

The expanded form strategy breaks down numbers into their place values to simplify addition and subtraction. This strategy encourages students to focus on each digit separately. Here’s an example:

Example: 46 + 27 =

Break down 46 and 27 into their place values: 40 + 6 + 20 + 7 = 66. The answer is 66.


These subtraction and addition strategies worksheets provide valuable practice opportunities for students to enhance their problem-solving skills. By using various strategies such as counting back, number lines, base ten blocks, and expanded form, students can develop a strong foundation in arithmetic. Remember to choose the strategy that works best for each problem and practice regularly to become a proficient mathematician!

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