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Modal Verbs Exercises Worksheets

Modal Verbs Exercises Worksheets

Modal verbs are words that help us express possibility, ability, necessity, and permission. They are an important part of English grammar and can sometimes be challenging to understand. To help you practice using modal verbs correctly, we have prepared a set of exercises worksheets. These worksheets will give you the opportunity to strengthen your understanding and usage of modal verbs in different contexts.

Exercise 1: Can or Can’t

In this exercise, you will need to choose between “can” or “can’t” to complete the sentences. Remember, “can” indicates ability or possibility, while “can’t” shows impossibility or prohibition. Read each sentence carefully and select the correct option.

Example: I ______ swim very well. (can/can’t)
Answer: can

1. She ______ speak five languages fluently.
2. They ______ attend the party tonight.
3. We ______ go to the concert if we buy tickets in advance.
4. Tom ______ play the piano beautifully.
5. The dog ______ understand basic commands.

Exercise 2: Must, Mustn’t, or Needn’t

In this exercise, you will practice using “must,” “mustn’t,” or “needn’t” to complete the sentences. “Must” is used for obligations, “mustn’t” for prohibitions, and “needn’t” for lack of necessity. Choose the correct modal verb for each sentence.

Example: You ______ forget to take your umbrella. (must/mustn’t/needn’t)
Answer: mustn’t

1. I ______ eat vegetables to stay healthy.
2. We ______ be late for the meeting.
3. He ______ worry about the test. It’s very easy.
4. They ______ bring their passports for international travel.
5. She ______ take her medication every morning.

Exercise 3: Should or Shouldn’t

This exercise will test your understanding of when to use “should” or “shouldn’t.” “Should” is used to give advice or make recommendations, while “shouldn’t” is used to express disapproval or discourage an action. Complete each sentence by selecting the appropriate option.

Example: You ______ apologize for your mistake. (should/shouldn’t)
Answer: should

1. They ______ study harder if they want to pass the exam.
2. We ______ waste food. It’s important to be mindful of the environment.
3. He ______ buy a new car. His current one is unreliable.
4. You ______ be more careful when crossing the road.
5. She ______ forget to bring her ID card to the office.

Exercise 4: Could, Couldn’t, or Was/Were Able to

In this exercise, you will practice using “could,” “couldn’t,” or “was/were able to” to complete the sentences. “Could” is used to talk about general ability or past possibilities, while “couldn’t” expresses inability. “Was/were able to” is used to describe specific achievements or accomplishments. Choose the correct option for each sentence.

Example: She ______ solve the puzzle on her own. (could/couldn’t/was able to)
Answer: was able to

1. I ______ lift that heavy box by myself.
2. They ______ find a solution to the problem.
3. We ______ see the fireworks from our balcony last night.
4. He ______ run a marathon when he was younger.
5. The children ______ complete the difficult math assignment.

Remember to check your answers once you have completed the exercises. Practicing with these modal verbs exercises worksheets will enhance your understanding and help you use modal verbs in a confident and accurate manner. Keep practicing to strengthen your grasp of modal verbs in various contexts.

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