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New Year Worksheets For Kindergarten

New Year Worksheets for Kindergarten

Counting and Number Recognition

In this section, students will practice counting and number recognition skills. They will fill in the missing numbers, match the numbers to the corresponding number of objects, and complete number patterns.

Letter Recognition and Writing

In this section, students will focus on letter recognition and writing skills. They will trace and write letters of the alphabet, match uppercase and lowercase letters, and identify words that begin with specific letters.

Coloring and Fine Motor Skills

This section is designed to improve students’ fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. They will color different New Year-themed pictures, trace lines and shapes, and complete simple mazes.

Patterning and Sorting

In this section, students will work on their logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. They will identify and extend patterns, sort objects by attributes such as shape and color, and complete simple picture sequences.

Matching and Memory

In this section, students will enhance their memory and concentration skills. They will match identical pictures, find the odd one out, and solve simple riddles by matching the correct answer to the question or description.

Writing Prompts

This section encourages students to express their thoughts and ideas through writing. They will be given prompts related to New Year’s resolutions, goals, and reflections. Students can draw a picture or write a sentence or two to respond to each prompt.

Word Search and Crossword

In this section, students will have fun while expanding their vocabulary. They will search for New Year-related words in a word search puzzle and fill in the crossword puzzle with words they have learned.


These New Year worksheets for kindergarten provide a variety of engaging activities to support and reinforce important skills. Whether it’s counting, letter recognition, fine motor skills, logical thinking, memory, or writing, these worksheets offer opportunities for students to learn while having fun.

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New Year Worksheets For Kindergarten

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