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Esl Telling Time Worksheets

ESL Telling Time Worksheets


Telling time is an essential skill that English as a Second Language (ESL) learners need to master. To help them practice this skill, ESL teachers often use worksheets. These worksheets provide learners with opportunities to practice reading and writing different time expressions. In this article, we will explore the different types of ESL telling time worksheets and how they can be used effectively in the classroom.

Types of ESL Telling Time Worksheets:

1. Matching Worksheets:
– These worksheets require learners to match analog clocks with digital time expressions.
– Learners have to draw lines connecting the correct analog clock with the corresponding digital time.
– This activity helps learners associate analog and digital time representations.

2. Fill in the Blanks Worksheets:
– These worksheets provide learners with incomplete sentences about specific times.
– Learners have to fill in the blanks with the correct time expression, either in words or numbers.
– This activity helps learners practice writing time expressions accurately.

3. Word Problems Worksheets:
– These worksheets present learners with word problems that involve time.
– Learners have to read the problem and identify the time expressed or calculate the time elapsed.
– This activity helps learners apply their understanding of time in real-life scenarios.

4. Clock Drawing Worksheets:
– These worksheets require learners to draw the hands on analog clocks to represent specific times.
– Learners have to correctly position the hour and minute hands on the clock face.
– This activity helps learners develop their visual representation skills for time.

Using ESL Telling Time Worksheets Effectively:

1. Start with Basic Worksheets:
– Begin with simple worksheets that focus on telling time to the hour and half-hour.
– Gradually introduce worksheets that cover more complex time expressions, such as quarter-hour increments and five-minute intervals.

2. Provide Clear Instructions:
– Clearly explain the task and provide examples to ensure learners understand what is expected of them.
– Use visual aids, such as sample clocks or time charts, to support learners’ comprehension.

3. Encourage Pair or Group Work:
– Assign worksheets that require learners to work together to solve problems.
– This collaborative approach allows learners to discuss and clarify their understanding of time expressions.

4. Review and Discuss Answers:
– After completing the worksheets, review the answers as a class.
– Discuss any common errors or misconceptions to reinforce correct understanding.


ESL telling time worksheets are valuable tools for ESL teachers to help learners practice and reinforce their understanding of time expressions. By using a variety of worksheet types and implementing effective teaching strategies, ESL teachers can support learners in developing their ability to tell time accurately. With consistent practice, ESL learners can confidently navigate daily activities that involve time.

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ESL Telling Time Worksheets

Esl Telling Time Worksheets

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