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4 Multiplication Table Worksheets


Multiplication is an important mathematical skill that helps us solve problems and perform calculations quickly. To help students practice and master their multiplication skills, multiplication table worksheets are a valuable tool. These worksheets provide a structured and organized way to learn and practice multiplication tables. In this article, we will explore four different multiplication table worksheets that can be used to enhance multiplication skills.

Multiplication Table Worksheet 1: Times Tables Grid

This worksheet consists of a grid with rows and columns representing numbers. Each cell in the grid contains the product of the corresponding row and column numbers. Students can use this worksheet to visually understand the relationship between numbers and their multiplication results. By filling in the missing numbers, students can practice remembering and applying multiplication facts.

Multiplication Table Worksheet 2: Multiplication Wheels

Multiplication wheels are circular diagrams that help students practice multiplication facts. The center of the wheel contains a number, and the outer circle is divided into sections with numbers. To find the product, students multiply the center number with the numbers on the outer circle. This worksheet encourages students to think critically and apply their multiplication knowledge.

Multiplication Table Worksheet 3: Fill in the Blanks

This worksheet presents incomplete multiplication equations, where one of the factors or the product is missing. Students need to fill in the missing numbers to complete the equation correctly. By solving these equations, students reinforce their understanding of multiplication and improve their problem-solving skills.

Multiplication Table Worksheet 4: Word Problems

Word problems provide real-life scenarios where multiplication is required. This worksheet includes word problems that involve multiplication, such as calculating the total number of objects in groups or finding the cost of multiple items. By solving these word problems, students can apply their multiplication skills to practical situations and develop a deeper understanding of multiplication concepts.


Multiplication table worksheets are versatile tools that can help students strengthen their multiplication skills. By using different types of worksheets, such as times tables grids, multiplication wheels, fill in the blanks, and word problems, students can engage in various learning activities and reinforce their understanding of multiplication. These worksheets provide a structured approach to learning and practicing multiplication, making it easier for students to grasp this essential mathematical concept.

4 Times Table

4 Times Table

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Free Printable 4 Times Tables Worksheets

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4 Multiplication Table Worksheets

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